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Everyone loves the beach and fort, right? For many people, the beach is their “happy place” and the same for me, we decided to spend our coming weekend at “Alibag” and the weekend started. We woke up early morning by 4 AM, I know it’s too early but when we are traveling somewhere I am too much excited. Clear weather and cool morning made us feel fresh. We left Pune around 5 AM. We started in the morning to avoid traffic. The Best way to reach Alibag is Pune – National highway towards Mumbai- join Expressway – Lonavala – After crossing Lonavala-Khandala on Expressway, there is Khopoli exit – Take left at Khopoli square for Pen – Pen – Alibag. One day is not enough for Alibag, so we decided to live for 2 days. Alibag is a coastal town in Maharashtra, is a hidden gem with a lot of places and sights to visit and see. It is in the Raigad district, the weather was awesome in Konkan. There are beautiful beaches and fort for visit like Nagaon & Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort and Kolaba Fort.

First we decided to visit Nagaon Beach, Nagaon is nearly 7 km away from Alibag. It is clean and beautiful. There are many home-stay options are available. Here you can have a feel for Konkani lifestyle. Now we have deicide to visit Murud Janjira Fort, first we had a breakfast and we left for fort. Brimming with history and being an important part of the Maratha Empire and the Portuguese culture, Murud-Janjira Fort is situated on an oval-shaped rock off the Arabian Sea coast near the port town of Murud. The fort can be reached by a boat ride. The boat ride was interesting. A stone carving at the main entrance of the Fort depicts six elephants trapped by a single tiger – a symbol of the bravery. The fort is a real wonderful human creation. There were 500 canons in the fort but only a few of them still exist.

 Our next destination was Murud beach, 5 km from Murud – Janjira Fort. Murud Beach is of black sand with clear bluish water. The view of the sunset is extremely beautiful and the adjoining island forts Janjira add to the beauty of the beach. The beach has watersports and numerous boat trips in the area. After heavy Lunch we had a snacks and was enjoying the beautiful sunset-“The sky, at sunset, looked like a carnivorous flower.” We spend lot of time. After that decided to go back at Nagaon where we are going to stay that night.  I love that place it was too good, uncle and aunty are just like our family member, they have provided very good service. The room was very clean and neat. It was very peaceful Homestay. I am a tea lover, so first had a cup of tea with ginger, aww it was the moment for Tea and the happiness is a cup of tea. For some time we took rest and after that the dinner time. Aunty made delicious Konkani food it was the best Konkani food. After dinner we had a walk and was spending time with uncles and aunty. Uncle was sharing the knowledge of the books he read and aunty was telling her recipe of that delicious food. After some time we to go bed.

Next morning, woke up at 8 pm. Because last night we were talking for long time. We had a very good breakfast of Poha made by aunty. All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. We pack our bags and left for the next destination that was Kashid beach. Kashid is a beach town on the shores of Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region & the road is parallel to a sea & beautiful small villages. While you are traveling in coastal Konkan, your journey is more scenery. Kashid is popular mainly because of its white sand, blue seas & the green mountains. Kashid has small stalls which serve all time snacks like omlettes and Poha but stalls are quite expensive. We can get cold drinks and famous Coconut Water near beach stalls. We enjoyed the beach time for long time. We were lucky that we enjoyed when there was hardly any crowd. After some time was feeling hungry, then we had a lunch and we went for shopping in local market. Take a break and after break we stared our journey back to home. We drive our car nonstop to the expressway with full of songs by my favorite handsome Gabru Jawan Guru Randhawa. Trip was over and we reached home by 10 Pm. It was very good weekend.

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