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Monsoon Trip to Tamhini Ghat….

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Hey, Monsoon is here and for the traveler the best season for travel. That sweet earthy smell, the tiny droplets hanging on to leaves, the thundering sound of the rain, and the wind in the hair – everything about the monsoon is love at first sight! What can be better than dancing in the rain? 

Tamhini Ghat is the best place for day outing in Monsoon. We started our day with the fresh weather and moved for the day out. That day we decided to went there by bike, because the lovely weather of Monsoon. We just want to feel the nature’s freshness.

Due to traffic we left the home by 7 AM. The traffic was definitely less this time. The route was via Chadani Chowk to Pirangut to Paud village Mulashi village to Tamhini village to Tamhini Ghat. The Tamhini road Ghat cuts the Sahyadri range to join Mulshi.

Wow..!!!What a lovely weather…! I just can’t explain the Monsoon feel. It is the perfect picnic spot near Pune. There was a very beautiful greenery everywhere and that makes the journey more charming. There are waterfalls everywhere we saw. Waterfalls make amazing backdrops for photographs. I think our Life is like a waterfall – always moving. I love the sound of waterfall. It feels very close to the nature.

We reached by 10 AM, had a tea and the corn. There are many stall for corn and kanda bhaje. Rainy season and kanda bhaje with hot tea the awesome combination. Water falling by roadside, foggy weather, beautiful Mulshi Lake, and the greenery surroundings what a superb combination. Everyone enjoy this once. For Photography it was very beautiful Weather. Clicked many photos :), the beauty is breath taking.

After sometime, we had lunch and due to heavy rain we decided to return. On road the visibility became very poor with the combination of rain and fog. See while going to Tamhini Ghat we have to remember one imp thing, need to slow down the speed of our bike if you are travelling on bike, due to rain. To avoid the accident and make our journey memorable. We started return back. The trip was really very nice with romantic walk in rain and beautiful waterfall. 

tamhini ghat

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