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The Land Of Waterfalls-Laalwadi…

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Laalwadi is Located in Maval near Lonavla.  Lonavla is not the only tourist destination in Pune. In Maval, One of them is the waterfall of the Laalwadi. The waterfalls are experienced on both sides of the mountain.

How to reach Laalwadi waterfalls?

How to reach Laalwadi Waterfall?

The nearest railway station to the region is Kanhe railway station. Local trains from Mumbai, Pune, and Lonavala have stoppage at Kanhe station. You can go there by local train also. But I will suggest you to go by car or bike if you want to feel the awesome climate. It will definitely be a road trip that you will remember for your entire life.

While going to Laalwadi waterfall, there are number of small waterfalls. One of them is Jagtap Waterfall. This waterfall is privately owned and charges to enter the same are INR 150. The waterfall has been modified. The water falls in a small pond and then flows over a series of steps. The place is extremely photogenic, good for your Instagram and WhatsApp status 😎😉.

Parking space and homemade food is available. It is the best Family point. The best time to visit during Monsoon is in July – September. There are small villages all along the way. There are many option for Food. Kanda bhaje and missal pav will highly recommend it. 

It is very beautiful place with awesome climate. You will not get bored for a single second. It is very nice place for family time. You can have a one day trip with your family and friends. You can carry your own food also, there are many places to have food. Remember one thing, must carry extra clothes with you. So pack your bags and move away. The waterfall is waiting for you!!!

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